Darlo P&C is the Darlinghurst Public School Parents’ and Citizens’ Association. All parents and carers of DPS students are eligible to join, as are local community and DPS staff.

Darlo P&C exists to support the school and community : parents, carers and families, and of course the principal and staff who do such a wonderful job supporting our children’s learning. The Executive Team works in close partnership with the principal, supporting communication, feedback, fundraising and the community at large, and the P&C provides a great forum to contribute and have your ideas heard about school and community activities.

Darlo P&C has something for everyone, whether your interest is in organising, fundraising, policy development, lending a hand, sharing an opinion or just staying in touch. Everyone is welcome!

You’ll see the P&C News update each fortnight in the school newsletter, including calendar information and opportunities to volunteer. We also send regular email updates through Class Parents and the Darlo P&C Facebook page is a open forum for conversation on all sorts of issues.

If you can make it, everyone is always welcome to come along to the Darlo P&C monthly meeting, and get involved in the conversation about current issues and activities. Also check the P&C News updates and Class Parent communications for information about what’s happening & opportunities to feedback or volunteer, there are lots of these during the year.

Or contact us anytime – catch a member of the Executive Team , or email us at admin@ilovedarlo.com.au.

Most of our activities are open to all in the school community, but we really encourage parents to sign up as financial members so that you can vote in the election of P&C office holders, and on questions like how we spend P&C funds and Darlo P&C policy issues. You also need to be a financial member to stand for P&C office. And of course it’s also a great way to show your support for Darlo P&C and its initiatives. To join, please fill out the membership form in the ‘get involved‘ section of this website.

The P&C Executive Committee consists of the following members:

Executive Office Bearers

President: Shane Warren – president@ilovedarlo.com.au
Secretary: Megan Scott – secretary@ilovedarlo.com.au
Vice President East: Valerie Marteau – vp_east@ilovedarlo.com.au
Vice President West: Geoff – vp_west@ilovedarlo.com.au
Treasurer: Mok – treasurer@ilovedarlo.com.au


Darlo Playcentre Director: Laurence Catzel

Catherine McEwen
Bernadette van Wijnen
Melissa Pim
Miriam Raphael
Lisa Fleming


For more information, please download our P&C fact sheet:

2014 P&C Fact Sheet